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  • The NANO-IT Formula is activated by sunlight or power generated light.

  • It powerfully breaks down harmful bacteria, viruses, spores and toxins like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)

  • Titanium Dioxide is the activated photocatalyst.

  • Photocatalytic oxidising nano-sized coatings which, along with light and water, have ability to keep surfaces clean and microbe-free.

  • Once surfaces and objects are coated with the NANO-IT solution, the Nanotechnology creates a long term and permanent barrier that does not allow for further entry of unwanted microbes for long periods. 

  • When a surface is coated with NANO-IT this surface protectant creates millions of “invisible”, nanoscopic crystalline structures that form a bond with the surface it is applied to, effectively forming a new surface. The result of this is a “mechanical kill” of the bio threat trying to attach to the object, and viruses and bacteria exhaust themselves and wither and die. 

NANO-IT can be applied in various ways:

  • By hand like any surface cleaner using a cloth or hand pump sprayer or other hand device.  

  • By Spraying with a fine nozzle compressor spray device.    

  • By ULV misters or Dry Foggers

  • By using it in a humidifier


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Antimicrobial solutions have been developed in many forms. They have been specifically developed to help eliminate virus and bacteria risks and as aid in eradicating infectious processes that are not only present today but will also in addressing susceptibility to other harmful microorganisms yet to be encountered. 

For years, science has combated the biohazards of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens with “Chemical Kills” – utilizing toxic combinations of chemicals against these various biological threats. Through the study and advancements in the field of Nanotechnology, a process was developed to create a “Mechanical Kill” allowing the surface of an object itself to destroy the cell walls of the bio threat attempting to adhere to a surface. This covalent bond becomes a barrier on the surface in which it is attached. The patented systems of applications and materials provide a variety of solutions to almost any public healthcare threat. 

The world is currently facing a war against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Coronaviruses are critical human and animal pathogens that have created a new pandemic. Currently, there are no approved vaccines or treatment options available and as each day passes, more and more people are being infected throughout the world. 


NANO-IT is proven to be effective in providing a protectant barrier against Coronavirus and hundreds of other destructive microorganisms. 

NANO-IT surface protectant solution can be applied to any surfaces including the human skin. NANO-IT is proven as a long-lasting protectant for preventing, controlling, and eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi. NANO-IT products are vital for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy way of living and their superiority over other products currently being used in attempting to control the spread of disease and infection. 

Once surfaces and objects are coated with the NANO-IT solutions, the Nanotechnology creates a long term and permanent barrier that does not allow for further entry of unwanted microbes for long periods. 


  • Dries on any surface forming a covalent bond.

  • Non-toxic, gentle on surface, & safe for use around children & pets. 

  • Will not degrade or discolour surfaces. 

  • Multi-purpose cleaner that may replace many other cleaning chemicals. 

  • Compatible with non-bleach disinfectants.

  • Safe for Humans Plants and Animals.

  • It can be applied without any PPE. 

  • NANO-IT is certified organic with no harmful chemicals. 

  • The product will not damage electronics. 

  • It is water based. It will act just like water on textiles. 

  • NANO-IT can be applied to any surface where sanitation and ongoing protection from microorganisms is required, including schools, hospitals, trains, planes, homes, offices or any building or location or place. 


  1. Light or sunlight activates Titanium Dioxide by means of a photocatalytic reaction.

  2. This results in deodorisation, self-cleaning, air-purification and sterilisation of houses, office blocks, shops, warehouses, fresh food storage facilities etc.

  3. Hence, all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), bacteria, germs and fungi are removed from the environment where this product is used. 

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  • Photocatalytic oxidisers are activated with light.

  • Treated surfaces are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

  • Treated surfaces remove volatile organic compounds (VOC's)


  1. Treated surfaces create a super hydrophilic surface that allows water to separate dirt, stains and other foreign particles from the surface, minimising cleaning time.


  • Odours are caused by bacteria and other microbes.

  • Treated surfaces provide natural deodorising properties by decomposing the microbes as they come into contact with the Photocatalytic Oxides.

NANO-IT solution can be purchased in various sized containers to suit your requirements.


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