FogItSA Saniguard Disinfectant Solution.

Building on the tried and tested BacAtac , SaniGuard NRCS Reg. No. : Act5GNR529/281852/040/1086

is a novel patented modification of DDAC to be atomised via a thermal fog or ULV machine.

Common DDAC is a known molecule that easily kills Coronavirus.


The unique synthesis of the active ingredient in SaniGuard has dramatically boosted the efficacy of the standard

DDAC molecule to a point where high pathogen kill rates are attained at low toxicity rates, thus creating a versatile package of applications. The formulation of SaniGuard includes bio-oil mixtures.

The mixture of bio-oils is a vital component for the efficacy of the fogging or misting system enabling for an

extended period of flotation, allowing for maximum contact time and further reach, thus higher killing rates.

This system has been largely tested and shown to have high success kill rates on pathogens, and yet at low toxicity rates.


SaniGuard is so safe that it could be given to day-old chicks; however, it is so powerful that at dosing levels as low as 20 millilitres of SaniGuard per 1000 litres of water (1:50000), it controls 1000 virus particles per millilitre of water after 24-hour exposure.


Saniguard has excellent biodegradability and consequently, low environmental impact. Because it is truly non-corrosive and does not oxidise, Saniguard preserves the premises and equipment. SaniGuard is no pH-dependant and works at a wide range of temperatures.


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Our hand sanitiser is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), 0.5% Chlorhexidene Gluconate (CHG) and inert ingredients up to 100%


  • Broad Spectrum Antiseptic Skin Scrub

  • For topical use only

  • Recommended for repeated use

  • Antibacterial, Antifungal, Sporicidal and Antiviral

  • Quick Drying

  • SANS 1597:2013 


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